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Welcome back to China Frank!

I went to GuanZhou during the holiday.It was my third time to visit there.....nothing really new. Only to eat, and shop there.

Its really cheap. Well, HK is pretty cheap too, but GuanZhou is a lot more. I could get souveniors for my friends and family. (I need to buy more though! The list of people I have to give presents goes on and on.)

Everytime I go there, I find so many beggers. Armless, legless, blind......really really poor people are there. Well, there are some in the other countries too. But they are healthy, at least. Those people even cannot move. They just have to beg.

Sometimes, people let their kids sleep on the street to attract the attention of the passerbys.

I saw a legless guy with a 3~4 year old kids tied to him with a rope so that the kid cannot escape and he can attract the attention.

There are so many!! In Japan, if you go to big cities, you find a lot of beggers. But I dont think its as tragic as those in GuanZhou.

On the other hand, people waste food a lot in GuanZhou. The rich enjoy the food, cigarettes, alchole....and waste a lot. Look at the gap here. Its almost.....funny.

In China, so many people are dying because they dont have anything to eat tomorrow, but right next to them, in Japan, people are killing themselves because they cannot find any hope to live. Is it a comedy?

Well, thats what I felt in GuanZhou.

When I came back, the immigrarion was a chaos. A lot of people. Way too many. And you know what? Chinese people do not know how to stand in the line. They are impatient. Really. I had to fight against those people. You can never imagine how hard it is for a 155cm girl.
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Maybe in 5 yrs
日本語は[read more?]で。

Really glad that I could get out of cold HK. My roommate told me that while I was away, it had been really cold in HK! I was really lucky. I miss weather in SINGAPORE!

I took a course about history of Singapore last semester, so not like Vietnam or Malysia, I had little knowledge about the country.

Pooky and I have been talking about going to Singapore to visit our host aunt Cynthia, and her daughter Lucy since like two month ago. We finally made it Pooky!

Well, Singapore is such a HOT country. Weather, town, people, and FOOD!

We've tried Indian food at Little India.


This was cool. They serve meals on banana leaves. The fish head curry was SO HOT. But it wasnt spicy for Pooky I guess. She is a Thai girl!!

We have walked around a lot. Both of us need exercise, so it was good for us!

Singapore is really interesting. A biggest Hindu temple is in China Town. When I was looking at the praying ceremony, I forgot that I was in China Town, or I even forgot that I was in Singapore too. Really Indian!


Well, Lucy wants me to get married in Singapore because she doesnt want to travel to Japan. lol
I told her that I'll get married maybe in 5 yrs, and I will think about getting married in Singapore. hee hee

It was so nice to see Cynthia, Lucy Zenny and Pooky!! Tell me when u guys come to Japan! or to HK if Im still here.

There's one thing that I was dissappointed in Singapore. It was when I took a taxi in downtown to go to Singapore history musium (coz I got lost. lol). The driver asked me where Im from. I told him that Im Japanese. We talked to about Kyoto. It was good,but he told me that there are not much people who speak English in Japan. Thats true. But on the other hand, a lot of people go to the States or Australia to study English. But he was like,

"you guys stuck on your native language!! We have English ,Putonghua Tamil and Malay!"

Excuse me? Im speaking English to u. It is really useful to know some languages. Especially, in the country like Singapore. so many ethnisities. Historically, Singapore is a nation that all the immigrants established. Japan, 90 percent of the people are Japanese. Its such a big society so people do not need to speak English. Frence, Germany as well. Thats what I have learnt in my anthropology class.

It really depends on the person. some people can speak all the languages, some people speak only one.

Do you know the joke about Americans?

people who speak two languages→bilingual
three →trilingual
four or more →multilingual
one →Americans

But since I know a lot of ABCs here, this is not true anymore. It really depends on the person.

That taxi driver made me a bit sad. He doesnt understand it really depends on the person how many languages (s)he speaks.

Ah! I miss the hot weather in Singapore!!


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Girls never be able to read maps 3
日本語は[

11, Twin Towers
12, Basketball
13, Hibiscus
14, Taxies
15, "Udon"

11, KL has got world's tallest twin towers. It is 451.9 meters high, and they have sky bridge on the 41st floor. If u have chance to go up there, u can get an awsome view. The number of visiters is limited. The ticket counter opens at 8:30. Ticket itself is free. But we went there just to find a sign saying "sorry no more tickets, come again." I recommend u to go there really early in the morning.


12, After the disappointment at twin towers, we enjoyed some shoping, and went to convention center. Guess what was going on there!!


Basketball!! 3on3 competition!!

So cool!! If some of my friends in Japan were here, they would be gone crazy. I dont think they dont have this kinda event in Tokyo. But it seems like for middle school kids. Still nice though!

13, Hibiscus is their national flower. They have a really nice hibiscus and orchid garden. I was the one who was insisting to go there. But the weather.....took all my energy. It was 30 celcius. I didnt wear any hat. The garden was really beautiful though. I was just...dying....


14, Now the time to go back to HK!! We called a taxi at the hotel. From the airport to the hotel, it cost RM160, but it was actually 75. Damn!! We were cheated at the airport!! 4 Japanese girls, it was relly easy for them to cheat....damn it!!! Be careful!!

15, On the airplane, we watched a Japanese movie, "Udon". It was pretty good movie. I really wanna eat udon now. Even now, I wanns eat udon....

Poeple in Malaysia are really nice. They all speak English and Putonghua or Cantonese. All the taxi drivers showed us famous buildings on the way. Winter never comes to Malaysia. If u really dont like winter, u should live in Malaysia.

It is really interesting that all the religions are mixed. For example, Church, Temple, and Mosque are built in a small area.
Especially, this year is their 50 years anniversary of independence. The city is really clean. It is not like Ho Chi Minh,Guan Zhou, or even Tokyo. It is really interesting place to visit!!

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Girls never be able to read maps 2
日本語は[

6, Pierced Earring-holic.
7, Miss Tokyo.
8, The robe.
9, Jacuzzi
10, "Somebody took my friend's bag."

6, Koala has got pierced ears in Taiwan 2 month ago. She is really fond of pierced earring. Every time we go shopping together, she stops at the accessory stores. In Malaysia, too. Every time she finds that kinda store, she spends 10 minutes at least. I always yell at her when she does it.(doesnt work though) She finally had a dream about looking at pierced earrings but being afraid of me.

7, We took a tour for Malakka. Its an old city, just like Macau. Thay have a ruin of a church, a museum of independence, China town. We didnt expect to have Chinese dishes for lunch.....but it was included in the tour. Well, people in Malakka could tell that I am Japanese. People in Chang Mai asked me why I speak fluent Japanese. lol Malaysian people were so nice that they said "good bye Miss Tokyo!" to us. Im glad they didnt say that Miss Ulan Bator.



8, In Islamic culture, women are not supposed to show thier skin. To look around mosques, women have to wear long robes. For Akiko and Kaori, it was just right size, but for Hiromi and me...we got some problems. U can tell from the picture.


9, After we came back from Malakka, we went to the spa in the hotel.

"Nude Jacuzzi is strictly prohibited"

............We ignored this sign. lol

10, It is really nice to be an adult. We can enjoy night life in foreign countries. We have found a nice club. I forgot the name though. But accidents happen all the time. Gosh, somebody took Akiko's bag!!! She had wallet, passport, cellphone...everything in!!

"It should be around here!! We'll help ya!!"
"I think u should make a report!!"

Malaysian people are really nice!!

I went to make a report.

"Excuse me, somebody took my friend's bag. It was this big, light pink, no brand, but shes got everything in. Can u report it to ur boss?"

The guy was saying something in Malay and another guy came down.

"What is wrong, miss?"

"Somebody took my(repeat)"

Other customers worried about it too.

"What's wrong?"


Suddenly, " Yoko!! I found it!!"

What?! Where was it?! We looked for the bag for half an hour. Suddenly popped up?

Koala"Ah~ it was me!! I thought it is my bag. I couldnt tell coz its so dark!! Ah I used ur napkin sorry Akiko~ haha~"

Koala took her bag to go to bathroom.

Fu*ck the Koala.


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Girls never be able to read maps 1
日本語は[read more]から。

1, Cheese cake and chocolate cake
2, "Yuko Abann"
3, I cant tell anything except "spicy"
4, "Macau tower"
5, The way to the hotel

1, I was dreaming on the plane. The desserts were Cheese cake and chocolate cake. I chose chocolate and Koala chose cheese. I shouted that "Koala!! Ur sauce is on my shirt!! damn it!!" I even didnt know I was dreaming. It was so real.

2, When we checked in, one of the staff told us that Abe means brother in Malay.The original word is Abann, but they say Abe for short. "Wow, Yoko the brother!!" (Abe means Apes in Danish.)
When I got the key, my name was on the receipt.

"Yuko Abe"

.........Hi, my name is Yuko Abann in Malaysia.

3, We tried McDonAld's. They had Kebab.


I couldnt tell anything except spicy.......


4, The first place we went was KL tower. It is 421 KM high. They had navigation system in all languages. I listened to Japanese one, but it was in "Malaysian Japanese". I should have chosen English(or Putonghua) one. When we decided to go there, I thought I was saying KL tower, but actually, I was saying Macau tower....I made the other girls confused.


5, After "KL" tower, we went to Indian town, Merdeka Square ( it is the place that Malaysian leaders decalared their independence from Britain), and CentralMarket. At the Square, the sunset, and Koran from the mosque. 50 years, ago, at that place, Malaysian people got freedom......solemn
We went back to the hotel, and Akiko and me had to withdraw money. We asked so many people where the ATM is, and everybody told us different things. Finally found one, but then, we couldnt find the way back. I think we were wandering for one hour just to withsraw money.



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